Bømlo municipality has a new swimming pool and youth school. The youth school consists of four parallels and is affiliated with the swimming pool. Bremnes youth school has an area of ​​4370 square meters and is used by approximately 350 students and 50 employees. The building was completed in 2018 and will cover 70% of the youth school needs in Bømlo municipality. Omega Area has assisted with Consulting Engineer Building (RIB), Advisory Engineer Fire (RIBR), and Landscape Architecture (LARK). Location: Bremnes, Bømlo Municipality Project Type: Youth School Builders: Bømlo Municipality Area: 4370 square meters LARK, RIB and RIBrBremnes Ungdomsskule.

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  • Adresse: Idrettsvegen 91,5430 Bremnes
  • Oppdragsgiver: Bømlo kommune
  • 2018
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